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Case: National Danish Television Provider, DRTV

DR was looking to leverage SoMe-like social activity on their streaming platform. Their goal was to increase activity surrounding co-viewed programs such as Løvens Hule, Alene I Vildmarken, and Exit, but without changing their existing codebase or infrastructure. Using DR's design style and guidelines, Flinge was integrated into the DRTV Web Platform.

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  • Increased user retention

    User retention is an important metric for our customers. Flinge transforms your video content into a social activity that your users will watch with their friends and family, leading to increased engagement and retention.

  • Organic user acquisition

    Existing users will organically invite their friends and family along, creating a viral acquisition and onboarding channel.

  • Real-time analytics

    Flinge includes a dashboard that provides real-time advanced insights and helps you find out what makes your audience tick.

  • A new world of social features

    Premiering a new show and want to make it a viral hit? Flinge supports custom campaigns for your platform, including competitions, group votes, and much more.